Falling In Reverse - "The Drug In Me Is Reimagined"

"The Drug In Me Is Reimagined" by Falling In Reverse
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I heard a knock upon my door the other day
I opened it to find death staring in my face
The feel of mortal stalking still reverberates
Everywhere I go, I drag this coffin just in case
My body's trembling sends shivers down my spine
Adrenaline kicks in, shifts into overdrive
Your secrets keep you sick, your lies keep you alive
Snake eyes every single time you roll with crooked dice
I felt the darkness as it tried to pull me down
The kind of dark that haunts a hundred-year-old house
I wrestle with my thoughts, I shook the hand of doubt
Running from my past, I'm praying "Feet, don't fail me now"
I've lost my goddamn mind, it happens all the time
I can't believe I'm actually meant to be here
Trying to consume, the drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery, can't you see?
I’ve got these questions always running through my head
So many things that I would like to understand
If we are born to die and we all die to live
Then what's the point of living life if it just contradicts?
I felt the darkness as it tried to pull me down
The kind of dark that haunts a hundred-year-old house
I wrestle with my thoughts, I shook the hand of doubt
Running from my past, I'm praying "Feet, don't fail me now"
I've lost my goddamn mind, it happens all the time
I can't believe I'm actually meant to be here
Trying to consume, the drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery, can't you see?
I've lost myself
You tried to reach me, but you just can't help me
So long, goodbye
You tried to save me, it won't work this time 'cause now
I've lost my fucking mind, and there's no fucking time
I can't believe I'm actually meant to be here
Trying to consume, the drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery, can't you see?
Can't you see?
Can't you see?
Can’t you, can’t you
Can’t you see?
Can’t you see?

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  1. Stoner Dovahkiin

    Stoner Dovahkiin

    21 órája

    This deserves a billion views.

  2. rena moon

    rena moon

    21 órája

    He kinda looks like Kylo ren in this vid lol

  3. Kori Flores

    Kori Flores

    21 órája

    Give this man a Grammy!

  4. Vincent Alderete

    Vincent Alderete

    21 órája

    I officially found my ringtone for the next decade

  5. Laura L

    Laura L

    21 órája

    love the music video! kinda gives Evanescence Lithium vibes...

  6. Rocky Love

    Rocky Love

    21 órája

    My little former emo heart is sobbing 😩😩😩😩😍😍😍😍

  7. Lesley


    21 órája

    4:52 bet y’all weren’t expecting that lol xD♥︎

  8. Lesley


    21 órája

    Wow this is so beautiful.

  9. Latarya Starkweather

    Latarya Starkweather

    22 órája

    im not emo but this made me cry and i love it so much cus this is like me and all my friend they use me but its so hard to leave them

  10. alexa play despacito

    alexa play despacito

    22 órája


  11. Andrew Nguyen

    Andrew Nguyen

    22 órája

    IMO this is way better than the original. It’s kinda like how Mayday Parade - three cheers for five years has an “original” version and an acoustic version. Truly dark emo songs should always get an acoustic rendition of the song. This song also highlights how much he has vocally improved. There’s way more control.

  12. Aini Sahami

    Aini Sahami

    22 órája

    Dri zmn sekolah minat ronnie radke ni skrg aku dh umur 26. Sorg lagi member dia andy biersack pun awesome jugak. Zmn2 emo dlu kala. Mmg aku ulang2 lagu ni smpai 2022 laa jawabnya haha. Tak terfikir lngsg lagu ronnie boleh jdi emotional gini. Suara dia makin sexy. Terbaik FIR. The drug in me is you lahh Abe roni. Lagu2 rap ronnie yg lama2 pun masih lagi dlm playlist n keep on repeat. Ronnie gonna be trending this year.

  13. Kimberly Rodriguez

    Kimberly Rodriguez

    22 órája

    This was absolutely amazing!!!🖤🖤

  14. Justin Blue

    Justin Blue

    22 órája

    My chemical reverse

  15. Yohannes Ar

    Yohannes Ar

    22 órája


  16. enrique hernandez

    enrique hernandez

    22 órája

    I'll admit, I heard the original when it came out and thought it was ok. BUT this, god damn, wow. Its awesome.

  17. Seth Evelyn

    Seth Evelyn

    22 órája

    Who else jumped at 4:52 when it went into fire

  18. CheckOutBTSgroup


    22 órája

    i love them. thats all.

  19. Fluffed Up

    Fluffed Up

    22 órája

    My spirit is sobbing Thanx a lot FIR. 💀🖤💛

  20. Alana Dunn belladonna1771

    Alana Dunn belladonna1771

    22 órája

    This is still really good

  21. Ian Desouches

    Ian Desouches

    22 órája

    Really good fucking song.

  22. Beast S

    Beast S

    22 órája

    That end hit different

  23. Shannon Stratton

    Shannon Stratton

    22 órája

    Speechless. Love this so much.

  24. Adina Kelly

    Adina Kelly

    22 órája

    so proud of us who were so depressed when the original came out but lived to see this masterpiece. congratulations you made it.

  25. bryant weston

    bryant weston

    22 órája

    This gave me nostalgic chills 👀😩😍

  26. wet socks

    wet socks

    22 órája

    Okay, but when he started screaming at the end LITERAL. GOOSEBUMPS. A great rendition of an even greater song. Congrats Ronnie&& the band.❤🔥

  27. Matthew Noffsinger

    Matthew Noffsinger

    22 órája

    Ronny......we need you in our lives! Keep being human, and DON'T EVER stop doing what you're doing. Thank you for this and all the amazing songs you and the band have created over the years.

  28. Cody Nelson

    Cody Nelson

    22 órája

    Dude.. Like, dude! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  29. Kiana Begaye

    Kiana Begaye

    22 órája


  30. Skyla Lea

    Skyla Lea

    22 órája

    Great twist to the song, absolutely loved it. My 13 year old emo kid is screaming for this! It’s a beautiful recreation of the song. And the ending 😍 just beautiful!

  31. Karson Palmer

    Karson Palmer

    22 órája

    Oh my that audio tune machine is smoking

  32. Scruffy Jones

    Scruffy Jones

    22 órája

    This is the bomb .com

  33. Badass


    22 órája

    It’s crazy the man Ronnie used to be with his music compared to now. I hope willow when she gets old enough to realize what her dad went through to be there for her

  34. Nicole Waldron

    Nicole Waldron

    22 órája

    This is magical!! Ronnie you've amazed us once again!!

  35. Haleigh Sowders

    Haleigh Sowders

    22 órája

    BEST FUCKING SONG EVER I get total Queen vibes too 🔥🔥

  36. David Shue

    David Shue

    23 órája

    Awesome! Bone chilling! 👍👌🤘👊

  37. WaffleWizard


    23 órája

    We are so lucky

  38. Irregular Naomi

    Irregular Naomi

    23 órája

    This is beautiful. I never really listened to this band in my "emo days", but this is a work of art.

  39. Joe Cisco

    Joe Cisco

    23 órája

    This might be one of the worst things i ever heard..... those effects.... wow

  40. kayley knighten

    kayley knighten

    23 órája

    Had a heart attack when he started screaming 😂 typical Ronnie

  41. Cyril Charles De Villa

    Cyril Charles De Villa

    23 órája

    not good enough for the truth cliche... re imagined pls....



    23 órája

    Da piano slaps

  43. Chloe Jean

    Chloe Jean

    23 órája

    that moment you’re iffy about it, then you listen to it all the time and become obsessed

  44. Thunkerman TM

    Thunkerman TM

    23 órája

    Wow. Your range is amazing. A TRUE artist. Honestly it's fucking impressive. Keep it up man. You are swiftly becoming my favorite musician because of it.

  45. Amilcar Lovo

    Amilcar Lovo

    23 órája

    Listening to these lyrics after a long time but now in a different tone of voice and having dealt with more adult life, this song hits right in the feels. It has a meaning so much deeper than I thought it did and damn, I really needed a message like the one from this song right now. Still my favorite band of all times!

  46. mark lester soco

    mark lester soco

    23 órája

    Won't marry anyone who wont like both the original and this

  47. Abrielle


    23 órája

    Same lyrics but two completely different feelings

  48. Jessica Jenay

    Jessica Jenay

    23 órája

    The music video reminds me of corpse bride, anyone else?

  49. grace baynard

    grace baynard

    23 órája

    This is giving me the nightmare before Christmas vibes

  50. TJ Braden

    TJ Braden

    23 órája

    I really wish the ending continued. It's epic and beautiful at the same time.

  51. Girl With The Plumbob Tattoo

    Girl With The Plumbob Tattoo

    23 órája

    I've been having a particularly dark day with ancient dark thoughts creeping in that I haven't had the displeasure of speaking to since I was a teenager. Thank you for this song. Your music is here to vent to when there's no one else.

    • sean rooney

      sean rooney

      22 órája

      Thank you. I cant believe this version has helped so many people.never expected this.



    23 órája

    El momento donde la canción pega su momento hard fue muy épico!!!!! ♥️

  53. Abigail Bradstreet

    Abigail Bradstreet

    23 órája

    I like both versions

  54. Matthia Harrison

    Matthia Harrison

    23 órája

    Dude, this made me cry. Absolute perfection! From scream singing the original to this masterpiece.

  55. Bloodfetish cosplayer

    Bloodfetish cosplayer

    23 órája


  56. 0350ZDE


    23 órája

    Ronnie is the modern day Freddie hands down!! His range is amazing, e all know this but this version really shows it

  57. that tiktok channel

    that tiktok channel

    23 órája

    Ohh that transition tho ... No okay ✌😭🤣😹❤️❤️❤️♥

  58. Monee Edithigina

    Monee Edithigina

    23 órája

    Some one out there said Ronnie can’t shine and then he was like fuck that ... here’s this lol

  59. Alex Masters

    Alex Masters

    23 órája

    I’ve lost my fucking mind. Literally but helps piece it together❤️

  60. Brandi Ramirez

    Brandi Ramirez


    Brought back all the feelings of some of the most cherished moments in my life. Damn just so good.