Vikings: Season 6 - Official Trailer

Vikings Season 6 returns following the battle between brothers which has left Bjorn victorious and a hero to the people who have been under the tyrannical rule of Ivar for so long. As the new leader of Kattegat, Bjorn struggles to fill his late father's shoes as king, while facing several dilemmas and wrestling with the idea that power overshadows morals. The two-hour premiere airs on Wednesday, December 4 at 9 PM ET/PT.


  1. Real Life Neanderthal

    Real Life Neanderthal

    6 órája

    Hopefully this won’t pull a Game of Thrones and turn into a massive pile of shite.

  2. Zeus Castro

    Zeus Castro

    8 órája

    I was expecting more from Vikings and from Ivar as well, but common another season fighting for Kattegat? 🤦🏻‍♂️ They must be finished the TV show at season 4 with Ragnar's dead

  3. صالح محمد الكشميمي

    صالح محمد الكشميمي

    9 órája

    متى العرض

  4. ishimwe bonheur

    ishimwe bonheur

    11 órája

    I like Ivan, may he comeback to take his Kingdom

  5. Vigo El Carpatiano

    Vigo El Carpatiano

    12 órája

    Women did not fight in the viking age. This series is not accurate.

  6. Manel Yacoubi

    Manel Yacoubi

    14 órája

    Ragnar still dead?? i'm not gonna watch it..

  7. A Tree

    A Tree

    14 órája

    Does anyone notice Hvitserk once? timestamp?

  8. Anayida Madomedova

    Anayida Madomedova

    19 órája

    спасибо что не Безруков, хоть ...

  9. Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo Flores

    19 órája

    Excelente ¡¡¡

  10. OdinProductions


    19 órája

    Gonna make a new tribute Beat when it’s released! :)

  11. Carl Jones

    Carl Jones

    20 órája

    When are they going to show 2 nd half of last season? I haven’t been able to see it yet?

  12. ba chiko

    ba chiko

    21 órája

    I stopped watching when ragnar lotbrook was removed as one of the cast

  13. Veronica Obiglio

    Veronica Obiglio

    21 órája

    Quien es quien en el mundo

  14. Veronica Obiglio

    Veronica Obiglio

    21 órája

    Cest la vie

  15. Joe Phillipr

    Joe Phillipr

    22 órája


  16. Shihab Haque

    Shihab Haque

    23 órája

    I am a big fan of ranger

  17. Awarapan


    23 órája

    Bjorn will carry the legacy of Ragnar. Ivar could've been the one but he's too egoistic... Excited for the last season of Vikings.

  18. Dottor Grow

    Dottor Grow



  19. dezericka



    My favorite part about the show was the interaction between the saxons and the danes. I guess that’s why I like Last Kingdom better, despite all its faults

  20. Peter R de vries

    Peter R de vries


    Spoiler alert be like

  21. E M

    E M


    do not convince

  22. Avery



    Bjorn will turn down the crown and make King Harald King of all Norway.... until he dies this season

  23. Ropida Utami

    Ropida Utami


    Viking Crazy film

  24. Matias



    Argentina es vikinga !!!!

  25. Banana Sudaca

    Banana Sudaca



  26. M i n e ø y n e

    M i n e ø y n e


    Это блять Козловский?

  27. Jason Polk

    Jason Polk


    I know season 6 has been shot already but I have an idea about how it should end. In the final episode, ragnar should come back from Valhalla, visit each of his sons, and offer a critique of how they've lived their lives

  28. eduardo mejias

    eduardo mejias


    Esa serie nos es igual sin ranark

  29. Vladimir Smith

    Vladimir Smith


    I thought they cancelled this!!! I cant believe the new season is coming!!!

  30. cristian acevedo pino

    cristian acevedo pino


    Like si estas buscando comentarios en español 😅

  31. Евгений Евгений

    Евгений Евгений


    ну и зачем Олегу бедная скандинавия, на византию поход был, а тут бред

  32. kofil uddinsk

    kofil uddinsk


    Where can i watch this series?

  33. Lucky Charm

    Lucky Charm


    Csnt wait see my Bjorn been to long

  34. Ayman ElM0N

    Ayman ElM0N


    i could watch this series if they just make it ragnar and lagertha living on the farm

  35. greenmih



    A chirch in a 9th century Novgorod? Really?

  36. Рамазан Алиев

    Рамазан Алиев


    Не уж то сам Данила? 😀

  37. Сергей Черкасский

    Сергей Черкасский


    No Ragnar, no Vikings for me

  38. Tony Touch

    Tony Touch


    I stopped watchin season 2...maybe its time to rewatch...looks nice..

  39. haruncan ksapbsi

    haruncan ksapbsi


    Burda rütk yok burda bjorn var

  40. Youssef Baza

    Youssef Baza



  41. WSWGg


    2 napja

    1:35 - "The Rus are coming" Ах-ха-ха! Русские идут. Берегитесь, викинги, русских витязей :)

  42. Константин Кобцев

    Константин Кобцев

    2 napja

    А Светлана Ходченкова в фильме есть ? Если нет не буду смотреть😄

    • Anayida Madomedova

      Anayida Madomedova

      19 órája

      ага и Безрукова

  43. Leandro Javier

    Leandro Javier

    2 napja

    Ragnar ? No.... Athelstan?? No.. Rollo??? No.. blaaaaa

  44. Louis Ryan

    Louis Ryan

    2 napja

    If this series is even half a dire as the previous two... I'm going to have to give up on Vikings.... Kill off Ivar- they've made him a cartoon character, and kill off Lagertha- she was amazing in the first 3 series- but stop having her cut down swathes of warriors in battle- she is at least 55. There is sooo much history in this period to focus on.... that the moron script writers MUST stop creating fantasy.

  45. S N

    S N

    2 napja

    I will watch this , but I’m getting tired of this now . come on already just bring back Ragnar

  46. Meet Arthur

    Meet Arthur

    2 napja

    How many episodes comes out?! Any idea?

  47. Диана


    2 napja

    Его то за чем туда взяли

  48. Itz Ali

    Itz Ali

    2 napja


  49. Victor Duffany

    Victor Duffany

    2 napja

    It is only remotely historic but still fun to watch. I will really enjoy watching the new season.

  50. Gemmabeth Coching

    Gemmabeth Coching

    2 napja

    I've been waiting for this!!!!

  51. ReCall


    2 napja

    Bjorn did nothing but cry because he was defeated by Ivar even having two armies under his back, they only won by Freydis.

  52. Tokes_Renegade01


    2 napja

    Looks epic!

  53. Виктор Толмачёв

    Виктор Толмачёв

    2 napja

    Камон, ребят, Козловский

  54. Dara M.

    Dara M.

    2 napja

    Bjorn looks so much like his father it's uncanny

    • dezericka



      Dara M. I think that’s the idea

  55. Jake Budwolski

    Jake Budwolski

    2 napja

    I miss Ragnar...

  56. Michaela Collins

    Michaela Collins

    2 napja

    Ragnar would be turning over in his grave seeing Ivar and Bjorn beefing like this

  57. Michaela Collins

    Michaela Collins

    2 napja

    KING BJORN!!!! ALL HAIL KING BJORN!!! I been waiting to see him Rule!!! KING BJORN IRONSIDE 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  58. YoOouSeF 6

    YoOouSeF 6

    2 napja

    التاريخ يعلم ان الفايكينق لم يستطيعو دخول بلاد المسلمين وهزمو شر هزيمة ... كونو منصفين وتحدثو بالحقائق.

  59. Michael Gillette

    Michael Gillette

    2 napja


  60. Brandon D

    Brandon D

    2 napja