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When I get messed up at the party
I make a scene and get upset
But when I wake up in the morning
You bring me breakfast in bed and act like there’s nothing to forget
Maybe I should count my blessings That you’re just that type
So call me masochistic
But sometimes I want to fight
Every time I leave you pull me closer
I hang up the phone you call me back
Why don’t you mess me ‘round like you’re supposed to You’re turning me cruel cos I’m just wanting you to react (You’re turning me cruel cos I’m just wanting you to react)
If I say jump you just say how high
I think you might love me to death
The way you do me boy you’re too nice
You gas me up when I wanna be losing my breath
Maybe I should count my blessings That you’re just that type
So call me masochistic
But sometimes I want to fight
Every time I leave you pull me closer
I hang up the phone you call me back
Why don’t you mess me around like you’re supposed to You’re turning me cruel cos I’m just wanting you to react
Looking for a little confrontation
Now I know that nice guys turn me bad
The less you do the more it makes me crazy
You’re turning me cruel cos I’m just wanting you to react (You’re turning me cruel cos I’m just wanting you to react)
Creative Directors: Robin Antin & Mikey Minden
Directors: Bradley & Pablo


  1. Princess Darla

    Princess Darla

    9 órája


  2. Dede Dede

    Dede Dede

    9 órája


  3. _neilia _

    _neilia _

    10 órája

    1:18 did anyone realize that she di a woah?

  4. Giorgia Buccino

    Giorgia Buccino

    10 órája

    Hello, do you maybe know where I can get set that Nicole is wearing in video? She is slaying it!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  5. Piddle Hide

    Piddle Hide

    10 órája

    PCD has the best bodies. Bodies that can dance and move and flex. Not some oversized body part thats only good for 2 angles for a cheap post in IG. Wtf. Standards per generation is getting trashier.

  6. ALG MK

    ALG MK

    10 órája

    That is the the title "react" so they expected you react for this video very smart girls

  7. Geisha S

    Geisha S

    10 órája

    Other dancers may be on the floor..dear but my eyes will see only you..only you have that magic technique when you sway I go weak!!sway with me..Nichole!!😍

  8. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    10 órája

    new at all. Besides, haven’t the girls acknowledged it by saying they’re okay with it? They still get to perform and they’re good at it like always.

  9. A T90

    A T90

    10 órája

    Kinda underwhelming video for a comeback, they could've spend a few more grands on this.

  10. Sbro Castil

    Sbro Castil

    10 órája

    Im glad they’re back! 🔥💥🔥💥

    • bouytt guyt

      bouytt guyt

      10 órája

      new music. We want to hear the other dolls.

  11. Freedom!


    10 órája

    Umm...not catchy enough. They've had better songs.

  12. Ivana Matić

    Ivana Matić

    10 órája

    I feel like I’m 12 again 😅😅😅 Im in my mid 20’s and lately I’ve been showing mild signs of dementia but surprisingly enough I managed to learn this song by heart in 10 minutes. Strange. Maybe it’s the sound of Nicole’s voice that takes me back to my childhood.

  13. Heather Owens

    Heather Owens

    10 órája

    Look, good tune but why are you annoyed. You're saying you don't want someone who sounds like a gentleman. What would you rather have, someone who goes round cheating??

  14. Ari Viray

    Ari Viray

    11 órája

    They are so talented, it is out of this world.

  15. PLAYERXTE 2021

    PLAYERXTE 2021

    11 órája

    Não consigo acreditar que flopou



    11 órája


  17. Arthur Santtos

    Arthur Santtos

    11 órája


  18. Sharon Rabecca

    Sharon Rabecca

    11 órája

    The moves daaaamn

  19. Narin Boonrit

    Narin Boonrit

    11 órája

    Nicole and Dancers. Again🙁

  20. Jeovane Lima

    Jeovane Lima

    11 órája

    Se não tiver turnê passando pelo Brasil eu paro de ouvir, mentira, paro não. Come to Brazil!

  21. Ali Al-Timimy

    Ali Al-Timimy

    11 órája

    This video is on a whole new level of boner

  22. Ismihan Kalayci

    Ismihan Kalayci

    11 órája

    why there is only one who is singing ?

  23. Laura Costin

    Laura Costin

    11 órája

    Nicole is sex

  24. Jaded Jedi

    Jaded Jedi

    11 órája

    Such a wise decision to get back to this level ladies. Hot as hell

  25. Danutza S.

    Danutza S.

    12 órája

    Like, Like, Like, LOVE! TOO GOOD!

  26. Brandon German

    Brandon German

    12 órája

    The video is cute the song is a bit repetitive this formula with Nicole singing EVERYTHING and being front and center the entire time isn’t going to work if the plan releasing more new music. We want to hear the other dolls.

  27. Jaru crab Cancer

    Jaru crab Cancer

    12 órája

    Hotter than all Kardashian girls

  28. Guillermo Limas

    Guillermo Limas

    12 órája

    13 millones 😍

  29. Alexsander Elias

    Alexsander Elias

    12 órája

    nicole e banda

  30. Raspberry muffin

    Raspberry muffin

    12 órája

    I've just got reminded of my childhood

  31. AG


    12 órája

    1:42 the ROAR 😉😲🦁

  32. Amélie Vouteau

    Amélie Vouteau

    12 órája

    Nicole’s breasts are huge now.

  33. Mariaeleni Sampa

    Mariaeleni Sampa

    12 órája

    Why Nicole!! Whyyyyyyy!!! You were so beautiful!!!!

  34. Moshe Bigelow

    Moshe Bigelow

    13 órája

    OMG! ladies it's about time! YAYA!

  35. Yagiz Eg

    Yagiz Eg

    13 órája

    Femke die denkt dat ze haar clip gejat hebben😂grap2020👇

  36. Diana Ramos Covarrubias

    Diana Ramos Covarrubias

    13 órája


  37. fiona merry

    fiona merry

    13 órája

    Pussycat Doll. Singular. Too bad cause their all so good.

  38. Mimibb25


    13 órája

    It's a commercial for plastic surgery....



    13 órája

    Il senso di essere un gruppo di 5 e far cantare sempre solamente una..bah!!!

  40. Joe Hart

    Joe Hart

    13 órája

    When pop has gotten so seedy these ladies returned from the 00s and showed us SEXY.

  41. bastarka


    14 órája

    sry i dont like this ... nicole and lip syncing dolls :) this time i expect something different but ...

  42. Bransboynd


    14 órája

    бабки видимо закончились, решили стариной тряхнуть

  43. Slim 4life

    Slim 4life

    14 órája

    Nicole still fine AF !!

  44. Zeynep Poyraz

    Zeynep Poyraz

    14 órája


  45. Zeynep Poyraz

    Zeynep Poyraz

    14 órája

    Now they are hot🍬🍬🍬🍬

  46. yasmin a

    yasmin a

    14 órája

    Just came here to feel like a potatoe

  47. J A

    J A

    14 órája

    So damn sexy! The pussycat dolls made me lesbian for a moment!!!!

  48. Светлана Заротиади

    Светлана Заротиади

    14 órája

    Hot hot hot🔥🔥👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  49. Hajar iraki

    Hajar iraki

    14 órája


  50. Sandy Irawan

    Sandy Irawan

    15 órája


  51. okaanyalcin


    15 órája

    When you need money, you come together.

  52. Alex Lin

    Alex Lin

    15 órája

    They still nice for my eyes omg



    15 órája

    Mamma Nicole got more voluptuous over the years. I like it!



    15 órája

    I love seeing them back together, but I'm wondering how the group dynamic must be. A lot of the Dolls spoke badly about Nicole. Jessica for instant complained during an interview of how she was ''tired of being in Nicole's shadow''. Yet, except for one, they're all back. Anyways, I wish them the best, and hope that maybe now they're more mature they all will be happier with each other and the roles they signed up for.

    • Amélie Vouteau

      Amélie Vouteau

      10 órája

      HETxBEEST I am not blaming Nicole. I thought you were asking a question in your original post.

    • Frost Inter

      Frost Inter

      12 órája

      In one of the first interviews after they regrouped, Carmit said that Nicole is the main singer and they all acknowledged that.



      12 órája

      @Amélie Vouteau Yes. But have you heard their solos? I think those prove a valid reason for why Nicole's the only singer. Melody was suited for back-up but also couldn't manage an entire song to my opinion. They all new what they signed up for, so it's unfair to blame Nicole for ''overshadowing'' them.

    • Amélie Vouteau

      Amélie Vouteau

      12 órája

      In interviews they all speak which didn’t happen before. But the music seems the same: all nicole

  55. waelime ♡

    waelime ♡

    15 órája

    ofc it's directed by men.. but honestly I thought we would hear the other girls sing more this time

  56. Kiss my axe

    Kiss my axe

    15 órája

    Isn’t that black outfit the one nicole wore in david dobrik’s vlog?

  57. 문규랑


    15 órája

    This deserves so much more attention. Ppl don’t understand how legendary this is

  58. Conrad76


    15 órája

    ..... Na ja.. Sexy allein reicht nicht!...... Oder doch?....

  59. pat


    15 órája

    Canon!!!! 😍😍😍 Il ont rien a envié au filles de 20 ans ! Il sont magnifique !!!!

  60. Coca Light

    Coca Light

    15 órája

    Le monde entier fait des vidéos en 16/9eme et là ils te font en 4/3. 😒😒😒.