Maroon 5 - Memories

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)


  1. Adik selatan

    Adik selatan

    7 órája

    When kratos good at singing?

  2. Kushvir Rajput

    Kushvir Rajput

    7 órája

    I started loving ur music......it's feel so good.... Love from India.♥️

  3. Anibal Lopez

    Anibal Lopez

    7 órája

    I don't know about you? But I can feel that you love this song as I do Just admitted

  4. EUTS


    7 órája

    Does he look like Kratos or the final boss?

  5. Edwige Commin

    Edwige Commin

    7 órája


  6. njdxj


    7 órája

    A Jack Daniels add comes up when I replay it lol! That's so evil. Well played though youtube I must admit.

  7. Lyrick Union

    Lyrick Union

    7 órája

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  8. Dominic De Luna

    Dominic De Luna

    7 órája

    This is what Baldur's been up to, I see.

  9. Gen Gen

    Gen Gen

    7 órája

    Try it with speed of X.75

  10. mdmd dmdlfm

    mdmd dmdlfm

    7 órája


  11. Einz Ezzel Laganas

    Einz Ezzel Laganas

    7 órája

    Is it just me or it really sounds like Canon in D by Panchelbel?

  12. Paige B

    Paige B

    7 órája

    When you realize they're slowly zooming out... 🥴

  13. Conchobar


    7 órája

    1:59 hit him hard, which proceeded too hit me hard with him. Love you Adam, stay strong

  14. Maddy M

    Maddy M

    7 órája

    Goosebumps arrival.. what a song.. in love with the song and it's vibe...

  15. Jobayer Alam

    Jobayer Alam

    7 órája

    Are you captain price? COD

  16. Jk aka yuli

    Jk aka yuli

    7 órája

    this song got me so much

  17. Agam Wiranata

    Agam Wiranata

    7 órája

    2018 : Girls Like You 2019 : Memories -Aw

  18. 陳撐


    7 órája

    Conor McGregor



    7 órája

    He went from gentlemen to a shirtless rockstar. :



    7 órája

    Is he bald? Nope, he isn't

  21. Kelvin Osas

    Kelvin Osas

    7 órája

    People like this shouldn't be singing 🎶, just say a word we know it's music 🎶. U are just too good

  22. Ganang Prasetya

    Ganang Prasetya

    8 órája

    mantap broooo

  23. Jeremy Iwanyszyn

    Jeremy Iwanyszyn

    8 órája

    I ball my eyes out hearing this randomly on the radio😥😭

  24. Vashikaran Guru

    Vashikaran Guru

    8 órája

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  25. Valentin Paoli

    Valentin Paoli

    8 órája

    Listen to Canon Pachelbel, the original classical track 😉

  26. Love Maj

    Love Maj

    8 órája


  27. Satril X

    Satril X

    8 órája


  28. Awesome Stuff

    Awesome Stuff

    8 órája

    *That sad stares, shows how much passion he has put in this song*

  29. Aabir Rahman

    Aabir Rahman

    8 órája

    😞😔 memories

  30. Fadel Mohd Fadillah

    Fadel Mohd Fadillah

    8 órája

    Mana yg dislike sini gebukin rame rame

  31. Damir Mamusov

    Damir Mamusov

    8 órája

    Спасибо за перевод !

  32. Rider Wizard Khalifah

    Rider Wizard Khalifah

    8 órája

    Aight.. I saw Lord Kratos from God of War over there...

  33. jamee kim

    jamee kim

    8 órája

    memories bring back you

  34. Yoga Erlangga

    Yoga Erlangga

    8 órája

    I'm selling replay button 👉 00:01

  35. Raju pand

    Raju pand

    8 órája

    Dislike's mom fuck

  36. Karla Rivera

    Karla Rivera

    8 órája


  37. Bilal Hassani

    Bilal Hassani

    8 órája

    miley wrecken ball clip version boy lol 🤣🥰

  38. Juan Miguel Dumlao

    Juan Miguel Dumlao

    8 órája

    he looks like 'Baldur' from god of war hahahahahah

  39. Fokko Keuning

    Fokko Keuning

    8 órája

    Just lost my dad 4 weeks ago. Sad happy song bringing back good memories. " Toast to the ones here today Toast to the ones that we lost on the way 'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories And the memories bring back, memories bring back you"

  40. Therealdj73 UM

    Therealdj73 UM

    8 órája

    who hurt u

  41. Syeda Tabassum

    Syeda Tabassum

    8 órája

    Memories 😤🐸🙄😒🤡🤡🤡

  42. iba Kharkongor

    iba Kharkongor

    8 órája

    "Now my heart feels like an ember lighting up the dark..."love this line

  43. Gul Jul

    Gul Jul

    8 órája


  44. Orlando Vides

    Orlando Vides

    8 órája

    This makes me think back to what we call the “good ol’ days”

  45. Annie Tran

    Annie Tran

    8 órája

    Who else watching this song after Sulli suicidal a few days ago ? Rest in peace Sulli 1994-2019

  46. Miraflor Bacasmas

    Miraflor Bacasmas

    8 órája

    Adam with beard looks like kratos Cpt.Price and Cpt.Soap Mactavish

  47. Varick Voon Jin

    Varick Voon Jin

    8 órája

    Like for maroon 5?

  48. ambica raghav

    ambica raghav

    8 órája

    Am I the only one not liking his new look😬😑

  49. Aghnia Rahma

    Aghnia Rahma

    8 órája

    Your voice is soooooo unexplainable :3

  50. Andreas Harijanto

    Andreas Harijanto

    8 órája

    He looks like Thor from The God of War PS4...

  51. alfi syahrin

    alfi syahrin

    8 órája

    Kek kontol

  52. BTSFOREVER Abangtan/Zatul

    BTSFOREVER Abangtan/Zatul

    8 órája

    Sad song 😢😍😍😍😍 !

  53. -Rainbow Blitz

    -Rainbow Blitz

    8 órája

    I am CRYING bc I realised it was for his manager who died

  54. Raypo A.

    Raypo A.

    8 órája

    KRATOS!!!! 🔥🔥 HEHE



    8 órája

    Maroon 5 hair is punk. Nice and his body has alot of tattoo

  56. Taufikurrohman


    8 órája

    Kratos is that you?

  57. Ottow Hassan

    Ottow Hassan

    8 órája

    Maroon 5 knew how make people sit back and think about the past and have that a little bit of tears!

  58. Azlieyanna Roslin

    Azlieyanna Roslin

    8 órája

    simple mv yet powerful song and lyrics! auwww so loveeee

  59. vineet sajwan

    vineet sajwan

    8 órája

    Video looks like Apple advertisement

  60. Nana R

    Nana R

    8 órája

    Bless my ears😇