French Montana - Writing on the Wall ft. Post Malone, Cardi B, Rvssian

"Writing On The Wall" available at: smarturl.it/WritingOnTheWall.FM
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  1. Zeroten Vlogs

    Zeroten Vlogs

    8 órája

    Post Malone - Writing on the Wall ft Cardi B, Rvssian Frensh Montana You was Bad Sorry!!

  2. Nevaeh Herrera

    Nevaeh Herrera

    8 órája

    can we just a take a minute and say cardi was speaking facts though...

  3. Rose Gonzalez

    Rose Gonzalez

    9 órája


  4. Princess Ornelas

    Princess Ornelas

    9 órája

    Nobody: Cardi B: “Booty like a jell-o cup”

  5. Princess Ornelas

    Princess Ornelas

    9 órája

    Post Malone would look like an innocent little kid if he didn’t have those face tattoos. P.s. they look cool

  6. Daniel Bailey

    Daniel Bailey

    10 órája

    Y'all retarded 😂😂😂

  7. Tony Barrientos

    Tony Barrientos

    10 órája

    Post Malone just took over the song by that one verse

  8. oziegbe Evans

    oziegbe Evans

    10 órája

    This is post music anyone agree with me

  9. Antar You

    Antar You

    10 órája


  10. Deandre Anderson

    Deandre Anderson

    11 órája

    This shit wack what happened to music.

  11. taroni_jackson


    11 órája

    I must say.... she got a good ghostwriter!

  12. Sarah Dixon

    Sarah Dixon

    12 órája


  13. Selene Sotelo

    Selene Sotelo

    12 órája

    This song is 🔥 I love how you used Cardi B!! 😍❤️

  14. T E

    T E

    12 órája

    Their voices harmonize well or is it just me?

  15. Kel Henriques

    Kel Henriques

    13 órája

    Cardi B ruined this track, #MakeTheTrack2.11

  16. LexieGacha FilmsTM

    LexieGacha FilmsTM

    14 órája

    I wish Nicki was in this fr 😣

  17. Hicham Ml

    Hicham Ml

    16 órája

    Regardez "MADD x ElGrandeToto - Games (Prod by Naji Razzy)" sur HUplayer huplayer.info/show/d2tNdmtkSDJHN1U.html

  18. Stupid Brothers

    Stupid Brothers

    16 órája

    Love that

  19. Ariana Razo

    Ariana Razo

    16 órája

    They copied Lana, too soon.

  20. 20Mike Masimalo

    20Mike Masimalo

    16 órája

    2:17: When she twerked... I'm dead By the way, poor that dude in the helicopter. He be like damn girl! Until she hit'em with her heels.

  21. Lucretia Karjadikrama

    Lucretia Karjadikrama

    17 órája

    Next time u wan another bitch. U betta ask me👍👍👍

  22. Reda Rug

    Reda Rug

    17 órája

    TOTO دارها قبل منك 😂

  23. Gerald Owusu

    Gerald Owusu

    17 órája

    This song banged until you get to 2 minutes Cardi b gone

  24. Haitam Khouna

    Haitam Khouna

    17 órája

    ElGrande Toto Déja Copie

  25. Slitherman7


    18 órája

    Need for speed heat anyone?

  26. Milana Kitana

    Milana Kitana

    18 órája

    And everyone can piss off about Lana Del Rey...the Rolling Stones did it first waaaaay back in their "Love is Strong" video.

    • Yeah Okay

      Yeah Okay

      10 órája


  27. Milana Kitana

    Milana Kitana

    18 órája

    God, I love her! Is there anything she CAN'T do?!

  28. Breanna Muriu

    Breanna Muriu

    19 órája

    cardi shouldnt have been here

  29. 0 subs with 0 videos challenge!

    0 subs with 0 videos challenge!

    19 órája

    Who else came here for Post Malone?

    • Svensk Rap

      Svensk Rap

      19 órája


    • RiftScuttler


      19 órája


  30. Abdi Ali

    Abdi Ali

    19 órája

    Man tana like Sp

  31. Nordic fitt

    Nordic fitt

    19 órája


  32. Baked by Barbie

    Baked by Barbie

    19 órája

    The ending was adorbs 😍🤣

  33. Russel Nangara

    Russel Nangara

    20 órája

    go and listen to a tribute song for our legendary celine dion by saint x called vibe and slide if you love celine listen to the song and like it

  34. ayushi bhatt

    ayushi bhatt

    20 órája

    Only here for post malone

  35. Galactica Phantom

    Galactica Phantom

    20 órája

    Anybody got a link to a version without Trash Montana?

  36. Sanjana Krishnan

    Sanjana Krishnan

    21 órája

    I'm so addicted to tis song.... I love Post Malone soooooooooooo much... seriously,tat voice is something.... I'm drawn

  37. Devide Musiq

    Devide Musiq

    21 órája

    Post Malone make it pleasing

  38. andy swarovski

    andy swarovski

    21 órája

    Sound like a Noizy song 😅😂

  39. tai tai love

    tai tai love

    21 órája

    Did they talking about the donal trump wall lol☄️😂😂🤣

  40. Jose Canival

    Jose Canival

    21 órája

    im so fucking gay

  41. Robert Anderson

    Robert Anderson

    22 órája

    Fawk Cardi. Pretty ass

  42. francois


    23 órája

    With Post Malone it's more like "Writing on the face".

  43. Nexx Jacobs

    Nexx Jacobs

    23 órája

    Hey Rvssian! (Vybz Kartel voice)

  44. Hanna hemn

    Hanna hemn


    I wish I could unsee cardi 🤨

  45. tanaka myk tshuma

    tanaka myk tshuma


    Shout out to 🎵tik tok

  46. Arnoth Laszlo

    Arnoth Laszlo


    Great song could be better without watermelone

  47. Ruski



    Also when Montana says "we started the wave now everybody's looking the same." Look around you people! Everyone is mimicking each other, more and more females are looking the same by inserting implants and botox, having the same poses on photos in social media and making a duck face! And the men....... I don't even want to start on that. So all I am saying is that you are all paying attention to the wrong idols and make yourselves believe that the wrong thing is the right thing and the right thing is the wrong thing. That's how the secret societies have infiltrated your minds and are depriving you of your natural state as a human being. These people are trying to let us know it is them who are corrupting everything and destroying this earth! The ones who know will be saved. The ones who are clueless will lose salvation. Simple as that. They want to make you lose salvation. That is the whole point!

  48. Ruski



    When Montana says "give us the money keep the crown." Which he is directly referring to Lucifer! I have studied the secret societies and mainly the Luciferians. This is all part of the game plan. Look at how music has transitioned from the last 30 years until now! Everything is happening so soon. Why? Because once they crack that Veil open Lucifer will come onto the earth. But that is after they have accomplished the agenda of ridding the earth of all that is good! True facts here no lies.

  49. Frederick Entertainment

    Frederick Entertainment


    Judge "next case" 6ix9ine "Cardi B driving without a license"

  50. mohamad el arfaoui

    mohamad el arfaoui



  51. Yasmin Rosmadi

    Yasmin Rosmadi


    i like because of Cardi B

  52. Dhafin Arkasena

    Dhafin Arkasena


    Never thought this song coming up to nfs heat tho🔥

  53. Snowflakechad



    Giant post malone won’t harm you, just relax ya’ll.

  54. The Boss

    The Boss


    french is the only person that makes perfect music wit out the kardashians curse

  55. Funny video &song

    Funny video &song


    Who is here for Post Malone

  56. Balder Edda

    Balder Edda


    You guys are disgusting. Your genra is made for subhuman scum.

  57. Mama- -Rua

    Mama- -Rua


    Half expected k & K on a bike in the background

  58. Antonio Haiduc

    Antonio Haiduc


    Why is cardi b here??

  59. mohamed idar rap

    mohamed idar rap



  60. Mando M

    Mando M


    The guy with the two lazy eyes and the guy with the instructions on his face look super awkward on camera. The Latina chick is fiiiiine she’s gonna be a star