Halsey - Graveyard

Graveyard by Halsey out now. halsey.lnk.to/graveyardYD
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Director: Anton Tammi
Producer: Tarquin Glass & Targa Sahyoun
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Music video by Halsey performing Graveyard. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC


  1. Wild Hero

    Wild Hero

    33 perccel

    +62 jangan salfok di menit 3:20-3:26 ya

  2. Sniper The Boo

    Sniper The Boo

    51 perce

    They are the cutest couples I saw

  3. Petero Tokaduadua

    Petero Tokaduadua

    58 perccel


  4. shoosh



    This feels like a *stranger things* vibe Halsey is *Eleven* Sydney is *Max*

  5. Sheida Mk

    Sheida Mk


    Is she beisexual ??

  6. black black

    black black


    An army that is a fanof halsey yeeeee

  7. black black

    black black


    I really love thaaaaaaaatttttttt😭😭😭

  8. Cristal Correa

    Cristal Correa

    2 órája

    Its a beautiful video, but she could have made a video about herself literally digging in a graveyard 😬

  9. xxmatentv123xx12


    2 órája

    god i love halsey's music

  10. Fanny Fadhillah

    Fanny Fadhillah

    2 órája

    okay it just me and my imagine, but 3:31 is reminding me about BTS' Album (MOTS: Persona).

  11. Folarin Kemmer-Pearse

    Folarin Kemmer-Pearse

    3 órája

    I thought this was a Euphoria Soundtrack.

  12. Dan Choy

    Dan Choy

    3 órája

    Underrated song.. Halsey



    4 órája

    Check Out Cher Lloyd "MIA" ❤️❤️💗💗💗



    4 órája

    stream on Cher Lloyd "MIA"

  15. Lycro


    4 órája

    I’m just here to listen to the song , anyone else cause doesn’t seem like it

  16. ysfrubyjane


    5 órája

    cek channel saya

  17. 김 김

    김 김

    5 órája

    . ,,, .. llc 5 j5| /| i / i n&

  18. Adeline Alma

    Adeline Alma

    5 órája

    Waa free fire map

  19. Kayla S

    Kayla S

    5 órája

    I don't really like the tone, because it's a little offputting to me. But the video was done really well.

  20. G Loves pizza

    G Loves pizza

    5 órája

    This video is dope

  21. Vishal p

    Vishal p

    5 órája

    These songs are so much alike. I mean these songs in the last ten years have so less variety....similar songs with similar tracks, with similar rhythms..... I mean are they doing favor to us by providing such quality?....... I mean the quality has dried out. Where are the albums like Britneys, Enriques, JLO, Back Street Boys, Avril, Dido....where has the quality gone? I am still looking for....

  22. PH Panda

    PH Panda

    5 órája

    I feel like she would be a good actress

  23. Dyarah Msp

    Dyarah Msp

    6 órája

    why isn't this filmed in a graveyard tho ?

  24. meme Zy

    meme Zy

    6 órája

    how did I get this much like?

  25. Orion on me

    Orion on me

    6 órája

    why is no one talking about the exit sign at 2:29? in the next scene the exit sign disappears which means that the other person lead her to end up in a place which cannot be escaped and then the other person disappeared.

  26. Renee Ellen

    Renee Ellen

    6 órája

    Just my theory but I think the aquarium represents going “deeper” into a relationship. She confidently walks into the aquarium at first believing Sydney is behind her. But that’s the moment Sydney disappears. Suddenly what once looked bright and non threatening turns dark both figuratively and literally and the aquarium (or her feelings) begin to drown her. However she doesn’t die. Instead she is spit out into a new day. She survives but she is left completely on her own, looking lost but slowly walking away.

  27. XXHerb X

    XXHerb X

    7 órája

    I Love halsey😍😍😍🤤

  28. Owl Hoax

    Owl Hoax

    8 órája

    stream now Cher Lloyd "Mia"

  29. Owl Hoax

    Owl Hoax

    8 órája

    check out Cher Lloyd - Mia too guyss

  30. Jam Macalanda

    Jam Macalanda

    8 órája

    been listening this on spotifyyy !!

  31. Regina Villareña

    Regina Villareña

    8 órája

    i love you halsey

  32. Kami Noyce

    Kami Noyce

    8 órája

    Hi Halsey, I'm a huge fan! I write music too! I just wrote a song about a ghost! Check it out if you get a chance. Would mean the world to me! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 huplayer.info/show/YWJIMUd2dExZMWM.html

  33. kenzye allen

    kenzye allen

    9 órája

    So excited for her album to come out ✨

  34. Rico Luis

    Rico Luis

    9 órája

    G eazy just dropped his new album, whos here after that shade he threw at halsey?

  35. luz margarita JimenezRamirez

    luz margarita JimenezRamirez

    9 órája

    2019 🥰👍

  36. Dada Duck

    Dada Duck

    10 órája

    How it can make you so colorful but faded if its toxic sense why in the end she is in all white as she is now in the paper where the girl once was

  37. Sarah Springer

    Sarah Springer

    10 órája

    Is this your best friend or your lesbian crush?

  38. Chris Stephens

    Chris Stephens

    10 órája

    Are you also singing for me its beautiful love

  39. Guilherme


    11 órája

    I woulda followed all the way to the graveyard

  40. Indry A

    Indry A

    11 órája

    My two favourite people

  41. Ally ApzCarra

    Ally ApzCarra

    12 órája

    Perfecta Halsey 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  42. Kyle Morris

    Kyle Morris

    12 órája

    i like the video but why do you look like micheal jackson

  43. Pat 's

    Pat 's

    13 órája


  44. paul koch

    paul koch

    14 órája

    I love U...I'm Paul T T.Koch. You have been one of the brightest lights in my heart. 312 785 1505 Chicago Illinois. Xoxo

  45. Beyond Studios

    Beyond Studios

    14 órája

    Can I have the dress?

  46. Daniel Fire

    Daniel Fire

    14 órája

    Who else thinks she is lesbian

    • A A

      A A

      7 órája

      She's bi

  47. Daniel Fire

    Daniel Fire

    14 órája

    I keep I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin repeat 200 times u get it right?

  48. Ayy Shaddy

    Ayy Shaddy

    14 órája

    u faggot

  49. kian murphy

    kian murphy

    14 órája

    Pretty big difference listening to this after nightmare

  50. Dannika Esq

    Dannika Esq

    15 órája

    we need more bts collbs!!!!

  51. Dannika Esq

    Dannika Esq

    15 órája

    Yes sister!!!!!!!!!

  52. Yousaf Shafique

    Yousaf Shafique

    15 órája

    Not sure if my like is for the lyrics or the concept behind the clip? Both are just so amazing to compare to. 😍

  53. Mine Harmandalı

    Mine Harmandalı

    16 órája

    Why girl?

  54. kellie


    16 órája

    halsey was like: cassie and maddy shouldve been gay in that carnival episode



    16 órája

    jason bond just made me hate money halsey is a legend by the way

  56. karinafanatic


    16 órája

    Omg Sydney is so breathtakingly beautiful!! I’m crying 😭

  57. Angel Bad

    Angel Bad

    17 órája

    wow.. it's good

  58. Aymene Rahab

    Aymene Rahab

    17 órája

    halsey you are amazing forever 🤗🤩

  59. Park Hana

    Park Hana

    18 órája

    This song should have more likes

  60. Tee Rose

    Tee Rose

    19 órája